OPD drug bust gets meth, coke, etc off the streets

Orlando Police Department Drug Bust! After members of the our community complained of a home selling drugs on Frigate Dr, SED stepped in, seizing from this one house enough Meth, Cocaine, & MDMA to serve about 300 people + $5000 worth of prescription pills. See anything suspicious? Call the anonymous tip line Central Florida Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS.

A drug bust is a good thing right?  It helps to keep our community safe.  Some social media weren’t satisfied, Daniel Sergio Mendel wondered if the arrestee was framed, “Highly suspicious are the neighbors, that kind of quantity of drugs does not equate itself with obvious drug dealing. Is there a plant the evidence and call the Police situation here?”

But others like Tameasa Shook Provencher were thankful, “Great work by the community and OPD!”

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