Orange County Clerk of Courts


The Orange County Clerk of Courts plays a pivotal role in the local judiciary system of Orange County, Florida. This office is responsible for maintaining court records, processing case files, and managing the official documents pertaining to civil, criminal, and family courts. As a crucial component of the criminal justice system, the Clerk of Courts ensures the integrity of court data, facilitates public access to court records, and manages juror services. It also handles tasks like issuing marriage licenses, passports, and other official permits.

Current Clerk: Tiffany Moore Russell

Tiffany Moore Russell serves as the current Orange County Clerk of Courts. She focuses on enhancing transparency and accessibility within the office, committed to providing efficient service and maintaining open communication with the public. Her leadership emphasizes technological advances to streamline processes and improve customer service for the residents of Orange County.

Services Provided

The Clerk of Courts offers a variety of services to the citizens of Orange County, including:

  • Document filing for civil, criminal, and family cases
  • Public record access
  • Issuance of marriage licenses and passports
  • Jury service management
  • Online payment facilities for fines and fees
  • Self-help resources for legal proceedings
Family Court Services

The office manages all paperwork and filing for family court, which deals with cases such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence. They provide self-help services for individuals representing themselves in family court, including access to necessary forms and documentation, guidance on court procedures, and general information to help understand the legal requirements and processes.

Civil Court Services

In civil court matters, the Clerk of Courts is responsible for managing case documentation for issues such as property disputes, contract disputes, and personal injury claims. The office offers e-filing services, allowing parties to submit documents electronically, which speeds up the handling of cases and makes the court system more accessible. Additionally, they maintain all records, ensuring that they are accessible to the public, barring any confidentiality requirements.

Criminal Court Services

For the criminal court, the Clerk’s office plays a vital role in the processing and management of criminal records, court dates, and the archiving of case proceedings. They ensure the smooth operation of the court’s administrative functions, which include the collection of fines and fees associated with criminal cases. The office also provides vital support services such as victim assistance programs to help those affected by crime navigate the legal system. People who end up in criminal courts can be found in the Orange County Florida arrest mugshot report.

Enhanced Accessibility and Technological Integration

Under Tiffany Moore Russell’s leadership, the Clerk of Courts has made significant strides in integrating technology to improve accessibility and efficiency. This includes the implementation of online services that allow citizens to complete various legal procedures remotely, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of judicial services. These digital advancements support transparency and ease of access, ensuring that the community remains well-served by the judiciary system.

Contact Information and Social Media

These resources provide platforms for direct communication and updates from the Clerk’s office, offering valuable information and assistance to the public.