Shocking result of sexual predator search in Orlando Florida

(Map data copyright of Google)

Out of curiosity, we decided to run a search of sexual predators and sexual offenders in the Orlando area and we were shocked by the results.  The search included a 5-mile radius of a random address near downtown Orlando, and to our surprise, the map was nearly full!  You can barely make out the names of the towns/cities/neighborhoods.  Where can you go in Orlando and not be surrounded by sex offenders? The search returned a whopping 1559 results! Think about that, 1559 sex offenders/predators in a 5 miles radius.  Here’s the kicker, there were also 73 additional offenders that may or may not be in this area; they seem to have lost track of these folks.

Want to find sex offenders near you?  Fortunately the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has a handy sex offender search tool.

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